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A Perfect Profile: Why Filling in ALL your information matters

Oct 31, 2019

You’ve heard this before: fill in your profile to the fullest in order to achieve its full potential and maximum visibility. This is the case with Pandy AI, too!

The main reason to complete your profile is to ensure that you will be matched in Pandy AI search results. Decision makers use various criteria to target talent based on their assets under management, client segmentation, geographical coverage and net new assets, relevant experience and much more.

Even though you are the only person who can see your profile completeness, the visitors of your profile will certainly notice any blanks. In the case of most other open platforms like LinkedIn, casual observers opinions may matter very little or not at all. Pandy AI is different. Due to the nature of the interactions, your profile is ALWAYS visited by the decision makers representing various financial institutions.

Unfortunately, you can never find out how many opportunities you’ve missed because of incomplete profile. This is why we advise this to be the very thing you do when you join.

Still, not all profiles are built the same. While many experts would encourage you to fill in your profile with as much data and keywords you can think of, reality is usually very much different. Decision makers today are experts on separating signal from noise. Bloating your profile with unnecessary or outdated information can result in making you look incapable and insincere.

Being present inside Pandy AI is ok, but active participation should be your ultimate goal. Create a habit of checking on your favorite institution regularly. Even in case you are not looking for your next placement, you can always check back as the better opportunity could be just around the corner.