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Getting The Most Out of Pandy AI

Oct 22, 2019

If you are reading this, you have most likely created your account on Pandy AI. If not, go to immediately.

Pandy AI is your very first personal executive AI recruiter specialized in servicing global private banking, asset management and family offices. Through our advanced AI platform, you can easily connect with the propositions presented by the world’s leading financial institutions, asset management companies and family offices. Your profile, when properly filled in, will be matched only with the opportunities that best fit your expertise, coming only from your pre-selected institutions.

As advanced as Pandy is, in order for our algorithms to work, there are several things we advise you to engage with to take full advantage of our outstanding service.

We are assuming that you have fully completed the sign up process, filling in both mandatory and non-mandatory fields. If you hadn’t done so, we will help you below with bulletproofing your profile and potentially landing your next proposition.

Completing your profile for best visibility

By the time you complete the registration process, you’ll notice that your profile is only half complete. There are several sections that remain to be filled in. Their completion will hugely influence your profile visibility inside the platform. If you look to the top of the window, you’ll notice that there is a total of four tabs on your Pandy AI page:

  • Data Vault
  • Propositions
  • Institutions
  • Communication 

Each of these tabs represent an essential part of your user experience and all of them will require your attention at a certain stage of your journey. Below are the actions we suggest you take now.

Data Vault tab is the first tab to be updated

The Data Vault is the first tab you see once you log in to your Pandy AI profile. You’ll notice that this tab consists of four sub-tabs:

  • Bio Summary
  • Bio Data
  • Institutions
  • Data management

We start with the Bio Summary tab. Consider this section as your Pandy AI CV. This tab includes almost all of the information about you and your professional achievements. Having it filled out is an imperative for an efficient use of Pandy AI. Here a few tips:

List your previous positions

When evaluating your profile, decision makers will browse through your previous experience, which appear in the lower right corner of the page. To add a previous position:

  • Click on the ‘+Add’ button in the upper right corner of that section
  • Fill in the popup form. 

Don’t worry about adding your posts in chronological order as they will be arranged by the end month of all of your positions.

Upload your documents

Once you enter the recruitment process you are usually asked to share your documents. In order to be prepared we suggest uploading the following documents:

  • CV
  • Work permit for the country/region you operate in
  • Passport scan
  • Police Clearance
  • References

Your documents section is located to the right of your Bio Summary. You can upload the documents by clicking the “UPLOAD NOW” button.

My story section

Consider this section with a goal to achieve a deeper purpose informing the decision maker what makes you an expert in the domains you operate in. The word limit for this section is 400 characters.

Bio Data

The next for editing is your Bio Data, a set of business metrics that showcase your key performance indicators. Values represented in this section define your core strengths of your business development skills and are used by our AI algorithms when matching you to the best propositions.

Almost every section within your Bio Data tab is editable. To edit, you need to click a small orange edit icon to the left of the section title. 

You filled in your Bio Data section when you joined Pandy AI. Since it is a dynamic section with numbers changing annually (or even more frequently), we advise revisiting this section occasionally and updating your numbers.

Browse available propositions through a designated tab

The biggest value brought by Pandy AI is the continuous stream of propositions added daily by the decision makers and available to all users. Go ahead and click on Propositions at the top of the page.

You can engage with the propositions you’re interested by:

  • Directly applying you’re interested
  • Favorite a proposition and engage with it when you have time or once you’ve made up your mind
  • Accept proposition requests sent by decision makers

The Active tab shows all the propositions you are currently engaged in and includes information about the institution and the timeline of your engagement, feedback and communication.

Propositions you are interested in, but are yet to engage with so you just favorited them, are all shown under the Favorites tab.

Institutions that decided to approach you directly and offer their proposition are shown under the Requests tab.

Closed tab is all the propositions you participated in with all conversations and outcomes.

All propositions are always visible under the Browse All tab. Under the Data Vault tab, as well as during the signup process, you had an option to pick your preferred and nonpreferred institutions. When browsing the propositions, the ones uploaded by your preferred institutions will always rank higher. The propositions will additionally be ranked by how well you fit them. 

Check out the institutional pages

Every institution offering a proposition inside Pandy AI has its branding page inside the platform. On this page you can stay up to date with your favorite institutions and, among other things, check out:

  • Latest news and industry expertise published by that institution
  • A snapshot outlining office locations, awards, product offering, core strengths and KPI’s
  • A list of active propositions currently open with that institution

To access all institutions presented on Pandy AI, click the third tab at the top of the page.

Stay up to date with the messages

The fourth, Communications tab, lets you stay up-to-date with all your communication with the decision makers. Beyond the plain chat functionality, through the Communication tab you have an option to share files.

And lastly, we have a few additional pieces advice to share:

  1. Do profile audits every once in a while to ensure that all your data is up to date. This will increase your chances of being matched.
  2. Always be transparent to people you get in touch with via Pandy AI.
  3. Check your notifications often as you’ll find the most important reminders there.