Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How AI Is Improving Every Part of Recruiting

Sep 18, 2019

Ever since the introduction of the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), people in the recruitment industry have used technology to increase their performance and process more talent. With ATS becoming an acronym of yesterday, the industry is in search of the next big thing that will further streamline the workload and guarantee results. This new technology could be the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recruiting. It’s now available!

This process has been happening for quite some time and the industry as a whole has gradually started shifting towards new modes of operation. With the assistance of technology, the recruitment business is about to overcome the biggest hurdles it has been jumping over in the past. The following segments will be affected the most.

Bringing AI to recruitment will introduce considerable time savings. By removing the lengthy screening processes, acquisition of talent is shortened from the matter of weeks to a matter of minutes. According to research done by experts in the field, 75% to 88% of all resumes submitted for a particular job are unqualified applicants. Artificial Intelligence is helping you to filter the noise and reach the worthy applicants directly, and more quickly.

Besides saving time, switching to the AI-powered recruiting brings significant overall cost reductions. By streamlining processes and connecting talent directly with decision makers, you save money.

Moving to AI ensures maximum diversification of the talent pool you’re tapping into. While the real recruiter has to constantly dig for new people and update their information, a digitalised AI service is maintaining a healthy influx of new candidates daily, coming there through direct brand positioning and personalized curated content.

By implementing an AI technology, you get an increased quality of hires across the board. A perfectly matched candidate to a proposition leads to a happier, more productive individual who is less likely to search for other opportunities out there.

Uninterrupted access to data and people available to you 24/7/365 and this will allow you to make more effective and efficient hiring decisions. This technology improves the efficiency and accuracy of the initial scanning usually done by humans, which allows them to look at more meaningful pieces of data.

The list of benefits AI recruitment is bringing to the table does not stop here. It will only keep expanding as new tools are introduced.