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Providing Data Access: On Uploading Documents to Pandy AI

Oct 27, 2019

Should you decide to pursue a proposition through Pandy AI, you will very likely be asked to, at some point, provide access to your documents which may include your CV, work permit for the country/region you operate in, a scan of your passport, police clearance, references provided by industry leaders and experts, as well as other documents that may be necessary to complete your recruitment journey.

Pandy AI features a robust document upload and management system which will enable you to constantly be up to date with documents you have online and who has access to them.

The moment you upload documents to the platform, they are visible to you only. Not even Pandy AI administrators can see what you’ve uploaded. Once you’ve engaged with the proposition, the decision maker behind that propositions has an option to request access to your documents which are required by the selection criteria of the vacancy.

The access to your documents, once granted by you, is available as long as you are engaged with the proposition, or until you manually revoke the access.

Inside the Data Vault tab, under the Data Management tab, you can control the access to your bio data and your shared documents. Through data management, you can see with whom you’ve shared your data and, should you decide to remove the access privileges.

All the existing permissions are displayed under the Active Permissions tab. All of your sharing history, with the dates of access revokes, are displayed under the Past Permissions tab.