Pandy AI

Transformation of Recruiting Processes - Defining Pandy AI

Sep 08, 2019

When you’re a business owner in such a fast-paced industry for 25 years, you become aware that in order to sustain continuity and success, you need to constantly evaluate your business model and purpose to make sure it's aligned. All the industry indicators in the past ten years pointed out that the market is more than ready to go digital. Finding the talent and matching them with the right decision makers will solely depend on an agency’s ability to digitalise it’s database, plugin the right technology, and intelligently automate the workflow and streamline processes. World’s biggest organizations are discussing to replace their talent hunters with the AI-based solutions. We, at Pradov, predicted this evolution in the recruiting industry and decided to take the high road and kickstart Pandy AI, your first personalized digital executive recruiter.

Pandy AI is a result of a 25-year long career specialized in the Private Banking and Wealth Management segment. It is a set of uniquely crafted machine learning algorithms matching talent to institutional propositions on an international scale. Our approach is centered towards refining the recruitment life cycle for both talent and decision makers.

In a candidate-driven market, most successful companies are the ones that have access to the widest pool of potential candidates. Pandy AI technology platform allows subscribed decision makers to leverage the benefits of algorithm-assisted selection of the top performing talent for their open positions. Once inside the platform, every decision maker can upload an unlimited number of propositions, targeting any region around the globe, and point them towards an ever-expanding number of potential candidates. The matching process is effortless and, based on inputs included in the proposition, ensures that the matching talent is activated and engaged much earlier in the recruitment chain. By using Pandy AI platform, human resource departments and brand managers promote a talent magnet culture, elevating the employer equity and making it more desirable among the potential employees.

Talent registered to Pandy AI platform, can actively browse suitable propositions coming from our global institutional partners, or passively explore market beats and engage with not-to-be-missed opportunities.

A personal Data Vault feature, embedded deeply into the platform, allows talent to own and control their personal data flow. Most importantly, the platform itself allows talent to actively navigate through a healthy recruitment journey or be passively engaged through a highly personalized intelligence system. Lastly, our content team is regularly sharing market intelligence and guidance on individualized market positioning.

All of this is just a beginning.

I boldly embarked on a journey believing that the future of recruitment lies in the seamless recruitment process and collaboration between talent and organizations. In order for the system to become more efficient, the middleman has to disappear and the decision makers need to embrace new tools which will further increase their efficiency in finding the right talent for the right position. Having spent decades operating in this market, our guiding principles remain true for Pandy AI as well: confidentiality, security, and trust.

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