Pandy AI is your Personal Executive AI recruiter servicing Global Private Banking, Asset Management, and Family Offices


Pandy started building her business empire, Pradov Switzerland when the recruitment world was much different. She was however always grounded with a meaningful code of ethics accompanied by the highest level of integrity, transparency and respect. Trends changed, the industry shifted, and after more than a decade in the business, Pandy is transferring her successful processes and methodology thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to engage and service a much larger audience.


She was crafted to reimagine the Rules Of Engagement by connecting exceptional Talent to the world's most prestigious Institutions by using mathematically built algorithms based on business development skills. By providing a transformational methodology, we maximize value towards a sustainable winning strategy for high-performing companies.

Evolving from Social to Cognitive

Decades of experience have enabled us to engineer an all-around artificial intelligence technology platform. This artificial intelligence removes the unreliable variables from your recruitment practices and provides you with accurate matches by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing the numerical values linked to all candidates inside of our database.

Pandy Gets Better Every Day

Conceptualizing a transformational methodology that creates a collaborative and effective ecosystem was the critical part of bringing Pandy to your screen. Now that we have it, we continue to improve and advance it even further. Pandy is learning preferences and habits to progressively act, learn and adapt in order to continuously fuel performance and predictions.


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