Take ownership of your recruitment

Accelerate your hiring with logic

Pandy AI is your personal executive recruiter crafted to interact with eligible active talent, as well as discover passive talent matches. Our advanced set of algorithms operating 24/7 is closely matching your propositions with only exclusive talent.

We are disrupting the traditional recruitment methodologies by automating and scaling our successfully proven processes. Our set of algorithms removes the communication noise, minimizes bias while introducing significant time and money savings to your Institution.


How do propositions work?

A proposition is a refined job specification card based on the job description published by our partnering institutions, refined automatically by Pandy AI. Every proposition includes only the most vital criteria necessary for it to be matched with top talent.

When searching for talent, you may go all-in, with the name of your institution visible for everyone to apply. You may also opt-in for a passive approach where your proposition is not directly listed, but hidden with an option for you to invite only the talent you find most worthy to join your team.

You connect with talent through propositions in two ways:


Engage with top talent who apply for the position directly


Directly identify passive talent you’re interested to begin a recruitment process


Reap all the benefits!

A rich pre-selection of top talent matched to your propositions, ranked by their business achievements and key performance indicators

A niche community where talent maintain ownership of their data and update their numbers and KPIs personally

Direct connection, at your convenience, to a global talent pool, regardless of the location they operate in

A quick start of the recruitment journey with effortless communication options and a robust notification system

Showcase your brand in an exclusive ecosystem through specialized branded pages

An opportunity to reach passive talent much sooner in the recruitment process compared to the traditional acquisition techniques

Making a real difference

Invite other colleagues and HR representatives to participate in the recruitment process and decrease your hiring time by up to 50%

Eliminate traditional recruitment fees with a friendly pricing model guaranteeing more hires with unprecedented savings of more than 90%

Reduce your HR workload up to 40% by incorporating intelligent automation for sourcing & matching

Price per

CHF 5’500. -

Valid for 12 months

Immediate access to exclusive diverse talent

Unlimited hires per proposition with a documented timeline of meetings, feedback, and engagement

Option to collaborate with other decision-makers in the process

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